My Top 5 Affordable Base Products ( Frugal Feb)

In my personal opinion, bases is one of the areas where the drugstore/high-street excels most. For years and years now they’ve provided countless foundations and concealers and I genuinely prefer a lot of them to my higher end products. One area that has perhaps been lacking is definitely primers, but they’ve been catching on to that. When I decided to narrow down my favourite affordable base products of all time to 5, I knew I was screwed. This was almost impossible, I’ve loved drugstore foundations for years and they truly do work better than more expensive brands sometimes. The 5 products I came out with were actually pretty random, but also timeless holy grails of mine that I swear by and can always rely on to give me a flawless base. They’re definitely mostly products that no one speaks of (barring one) so hopefully you’ll discover a new holy grail today!


Let’s get the most obvious out of the way first. L’Oreal definitely took over the drugstore foundation game when they released it. The Infallible Pro-Glow has been everywhere and everyone has loved it. I had always been intrigued to try the Infallible foundations but worried they’d be too matte or cakey on me, so I was super excited for this and I’ve loved it every day since! You all know I’ve been struggling with my skin. From texture to breakouts, it just hasn’t been pretty and this is the only base that’s been kind of helping. I can’t even imagine how gorgeous this would look if I weren’t having a rough patch, but for now it helps to keep my skin looking healthy and glowy despite it being the opposite. It just helps my skin look hydrated as opposed to how congested it’s been feeling lately. Love, love, love!


From the most expected to the most unusual, why not. Odds are you didn’t even know this powder existed, or you’ve seen it around but never were even tempted to give it a second glance – I get that reaction from almost everyone. This was a random purchase for me years ago when I became obsessed with the Nude Magique BB Cream , I bought this at a time in my life where I wasn’t that into powders. Fast forward to this time last year, I decided to pop it on one day when I was testing out makeup- and I haven’t really stopped using it since. I use this practically everyday. This is a serious underdog of the drugstore. It smooths out my complexion and really blurs away pores, while keeping my makeup in place all day. It’s kind of like a translucent powder in the sense that it looks white but applies clear- or I feel like it adapts to my skin tone. Actual magical stuff- I love this powder!


Speaking of random magical products on the drugstore… I haven’t heard anyone speak of this Garnier Miracle Skin Cream and it still baffles me why! This can only be found in the UK but it is honestly life changing. It is a kind of tinted moisturizer, but really it’s just a miracle perfecting cream. This squeezes out of the tube white, but has little balls of pigment that spread as you blend it onto your face. This is a completely non-existent layer, you cannot detect it on the skin- it just keeps you hydrated and evens out your complexion. Now I don’t work with tinted moisturizers or low coverage BB creams- but this somehow works. It covers up anything I need covered and perfects my complexion without being detectable on the skin- honestly a miracle product!


The fact that I reviewed each one of these two bad boys in my first couple of posts says enough, doesn’t it? The Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Primer is and always will be my go-to, I’ve worked through tens of tubes of this stuff and it works like a charm every single time. I’ve written a review of it here so you can check that out. Same goes for my Maybelline Master Concealer which I’ve said time and time again is an absolute dupe for the MUFE Ultra HD concealer. This is easily the highest quality concealer on the drugstore market. I personally love it because it gives insane coverage while still being so smooth and hydrating- it isn’t cakey in the slightest which is something I always struggle with when it comes to heavy concealers. Feels so lightweight on the under eyes too!

Let me know what your affordable favourites of all time are!!


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  1. Does the pro glow foundation feel tacky on the skin??


    1. A tiny bit I think, you definitely need to set it- it is very watery. But once it’s set it’s there to stay. Thank you for reading x

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