February Favourites…


Another month, another set of favourites. While it’s bittersweet that Frugal Feb is over, I did fail to commit to making my favourites all affordable as I had planned- I had to keep it real and there’s a few higher end products in here. However, luckily even by keeping it real, I did end up having a majority of affordable favourites this month. This month held a lot of new discoveries and some old favourites too- so let’s see what I’ve been loving for the month of February.


Glamglow Supercleanse- Let’s spice things up this month; I think I’m going to list these in order of preference. This cleanser has been the one I have used every single day this month. It’s hard to explain what I love about it but I’ll try. This comes out as a clay/mud and you apply it to your dry skin and then wet your fingers and build up a lather. Personally, this doesn’t foam up on me which I love- I hate foaming cleansers, they feel far too stripping. I’ll talk about this more in depth later this month when I write about my new skincare routine, but this is one of the big highlights of my new routine that’s helped clear my skin up. I love the sensation of this, you can feel how deeply cleansing it is but it still leaves my skin soft and smooth instead of dry and stripped. I’ve been living for this!


Too Faced’s Soulmates Blushing Bronzer in Carrie & Big- I mentioned this a while ago in my everyday makeup routine- and it has genuinely been included every single day. I don’t know how it took me so long to fall in love with this. I picked this up months and months ago during a Too Faced Family & Friends Sale, and I just fell for the name if I’m honest and had to pick it up. Over this past year I’ve kind of stopped bronzing. Instead of bronzing and contouring I’d just put a cool toned bronze shade in my contours and call it a day- and I regretted all the time I had wasted bronzing because this seemed like all I needed. That all changed once I tested this out earlier this month! This is the most gorgeous shade and genuinely has become my favourite step of my makeup routine, it makes me skin look so smooth and buttery and just elevates my blush and foundation and just brings everything together. It’s hard to explain, but I’ve just been loving it and I think it’ll last me forever because I’ve used it heavily every single day and haven’t even dented the pattern on it.


Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz 100% Organic– I talked about this bad boy in my Botanics Brand Spotlight post. I’ve always loved having a rosewater mist in my collection to spray myself throughout the day, especially on no makeup days. Recently I hadn’t had one for ages, so I picked this one up last month to test out and I’ve been obsessed. I’ve been spraying it all day long, to prep for makeup, to set my makeup, to tone- it’s just been an absolute superhero. It feels really soothing and cooling and I think it’s also played a role in helping my skin out. I will say it does smell very strongly of pure rosewater which smells awful, but I love it because I know that means it’s as natural as possible!


Lóreal Infallible 24hr Eyeshadow in Amber Rush- I mean, just look at it. You knoooow I’m going to throw in another close up photo below. This is and has always been the most beautiful eyeshadow colour I have ever seen- nothing has ever beat it. This is the oldest of oldies, it was all the hype way back when and I hadn’t used it in ages and ages. This month, I can’t stop.


It is the most gorgeous colour and the most intense foiled shimmer shadow you will ever own. This looks so so beautiful on and just catches every light perfectly, I’ve been obsessed with just piling this onto my lid and throwing on a transition colour in my crease and calling it a day- no liner, no extra definition. This needs to always be the star of the show and I’ve been obsessed lately and it might just be here next month too if I’m honest!


The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil– I won’t go on about this, considering my entire last post was dedicated to it. So just read about why I loved it here 

Sephora Rouge Infusion in Strawberry– You all know the drill, this was the answer to my months-long search for a lip tint that I could just throw on throughout the day. I’ve been obsessed, it’s so so hydrating and just gives my lip a natural tint. I don’t like using this alone, I definitely prefer throwing a gloss on top. I’ve been reaching for this everyday and it just works!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. janahpinku says:

    Lovely favorites list! And as always, pretty photograhy. 💕


  2. The Amber Rush eyeshadow is one of my absolute favorites!


  3. Omg, I’m OBSESSED with “Amber Rush” too! I love rose gold eyeshadows and have bought so many, but nothing compares! I also just put that on my lid with MAC “Soft Brown” in the crease and it is perfection! xoxo


  4. annasbeautyspace says:

    Lovely post!! 😍


  5. brushyneedle says:

    Wonderful list, the bronzer is my fave ❤


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