Experimental Haul: Products I’ve Always Been Curious About…

Yes, I’m back. Rejoice. Haha but honestly I am very very sorry for being AWOL af this past week! I actually have no worthy excuse other than being bombarded with writing assignments and lacking any inspiration for my blog. It’s all over now, we’re reunited and it feels sooo gooooooodd. I’ve always told you guys how happy writing makes me, and the lack of blog posts is proportional to the lack of happiness these past few days- so it feels amazing to be back! What better way to get back into it then with one of my favourite posts to read and write; a haul! I’ve actually tried to hold back from buying too much this past month so this is a combination of some scattered purchases I made throughout the month- hence the lack of any link between them all. I’ve been super bored of my makeup collection lately and feeling uninspired by it- specifically in the areas which I’ve made these purchases. So let’s see what I’ve picked up and how  promising they seem!


*angels sing* Yes, yes I finally picked up the Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse. Let’s be real, it’s a miracle that it took me this long. I actually started writing about this here and realized I was hitting 500 words and should probably save my thoughts for a full fledged first impressions post and review- so stay tuned for that! But for now let’s just say I’ve picked this up and it’s definitely the most exciting thing I’ve bought in years. It was also perfect timing because I’ve been bored of my makeup removing routine and I’ve been considering picking up Clinique’s Take The Day Off Balm, but this should work perfectly instead!


L.A. Girl has been harped on about for as long as I can remember. It’s well loved by many and I’ve always been so curious to try something of theirs out. While I wish wish wish I could have picked up their recent foundation- I don’t have access to it. Lately I’ve mentioned I’ve been loving colour correcting since I have so much scarring on my skin and it’s been working miracles. However, I’ve started to hit pan on my NYX colour correcting palette and I’ve recently been feeling like it isn’t working as well so I’ve definitely been in the market for a new colour corrector. I’ve considered trying the Urban Decay Naked colour correctors but then I thought this is the perfect opportunity to try out L.A. Girl! I picked up the green and peach shade since I noticed they’d gotten the most use in my palette. So far I’ve only swatched them on the back of my hand but they blended out beautifully and were’n too bright, you know? It’s always a huge problem for me when a green corrector shows under my makeup. The formula actually felt beautiful so I’m definitely considering trying out their concealers next!

Then, I picked up their loose setting powder while I was at it because I’ve mentioned my desperate search for one recently. RCMA just isn’t cutting it for me anymore and I’m planning to give my Laura Mercier a second chance but I’m pretty skeptical. When I swatched this it did feel very heavy so I’m curious to see if this actually works- I’m worried it’s a bit of a bust.


One of my first blog posts was about testing out some H&M makeup, ever since I’ve always been so curious about their skincare options. Curious / skeptical. As I always say, I love a good face mask so I decided to try that out to start with. I picked up these three because they sounded perfect for me; Tea tree peel-off mask for blemish prone skin, witch hazel cleansing mask for oily skin, and witch hazel and willowherb for blemish-prone skin. Excited to try these out- I’ll be sure to do a follow up post reviewing them!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Daniela says:

    Interesting choice of face masks. To be honest, I feel a bit meh about buying skincare from what is basically a clothes store so I am interested in reading your thoughts. I am sure that Caroline Hirons wouldn’t put her name on a rubbish skin product but still looking forward to reading what you think about it. Good hauling choice☺


  2. MissM says:

    Great post! Love your writing and reviews 🙂 also your pics are amazing! What kind of lighting do you use ?


  3. great post and beautiful site!


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by x


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