The First Anti-Haul of Many…

There are few YouTubers that I undeniably love. I love their content, and I make it a point to keep up with their posts religiously. Anna of The Anna Edit is definitely one of them. I’d say she’s one of my faves out there on the basis of my complete respect for her not only via YouTube but also her blog- which is always a must read for me (I think her blog partially inspired me to start my own). Let’s stop the rambling there because I could go on all day. Recently, she posted a very different video. Granted, this concept isn’t one she came up with- but her being inspired by another has now inspired me. An Anti-Haul is a concept that just has me written all over it. This is where you list recent releases that you WON’T be buying. Either releases you don’t like or ones that you’re skeptical about. I can be extremely skeptical over anything slightly expensive- if it’s gimmicky and drugstore then I don’t mind testing it out and having it fail. But when brands try to come up with creative releases that sound gimmicky and then charge us a pretty penny for it- no, not for me. So some of these are old releases but hauls aren’t always entirely new products, now are they? Let’s see what I will NOT be buying anytime soon- also let’s start a drinking game on how many times I say gimmicky…

vice liquid lipsticks

This actually breaks my heart to admit. I think I raved about how badly I wanted these ages ago on here, but things have clearly changed. I’m very easily influenced. You’ll notice that throughout this post. Almost everyone I follow that tried these out has hated them. If they haven’t, then they’ve raved on about how insanely long-lasting and impossible to remove they are which doesn’t sound too tempting. Mostly, I’m a little over the liquid lipstick hype. If I’m doing a bold lip, then sure- but at this point I have my favourite formulas for bold matte liquid lipsticks and I trust them. I’m more into natural glossy lips lately, so combined with the terrible reviews- I won’t be picking these up!

theyre real lip liner

Gimmick, gimmick, gimmicky gimmick-nation. This release almost makes me angry haha. I think this whole range, including the eyeshadows, are the most ridiculous releases the beauty world has ever seen. Seriously, Benefit- SERIOUSLY? I hardly think we don’t know how to line our lips. It’s almost insulting. If that weren’t bad enough I just don’t like the combinations of colours, I feel like (and I’ve heard a lot of reviews claiming this too) they’d be too harshly different- leaving you with 90s lips, and not the good kind. This just doesn’t seem tempting to me at all, I think I’ll stick to my separate liners and lipsticks, thank you very much.

hoola lite

I know this release has excited a lot of people, and maybe it will be life changing for some people but I’m just not so sure. I consider myself to have pretty fair skin- it’s not the fairest but I do fall on the lower part of the spectrum. I’ve picked up my fair (pun it up, Noha) Β share of fairer bronzers to give a natural look, but to me this is just way too light. I’m honestly skeptical of this even working out for the fairest skin. This photo doesn’t really do it justice, if you look up swatches you’ll see how almost invisible this is. I appreciate their attempt to widen the Hoola range but I just don’t see this working for most people.

meet matte adore

Now this is definitely less of a definitive no. The shades in this palette are gorgeous, it’s undeniable, that top left corner shade is giving me life. But I’ve just never been sure how I feel about the Meet Matt(e) palettes. I feel like there’s nothing in them that I can’t find in a million other palettes, and I know that’s never usually an excuse with me but considering the formula, it is. I tried this out from my sister a couple of times, and I just felt that it nowhere-near-compared to any of the formulas of the shadows I use. It’s not terrible, but in comparison to others it was a bit powdery and chalk-y. I just wasn’t a huge fan and I definitely don’t think it’s worth the money.

tarte unicorn brush

This breaks my heart! I love all things Tarte, and they’ve been especially bringing it with all of their releases lately, and then they brought us this…Their new unicorn collection that is yet to come out is just so so not me. These brushes look so childish and cheap to me, they’re just not tempting whatsoever. The shapes aren’t even that amazing. This range came out with an eyeshadow palette too but I honestly can’t even talk about that because it’s just something I’d never ever use.

lorac spring

Yes, this palette is very photogenic. Yes, it is spring in a palette. No, it is not for me at all. There is literally one shade in this that I would ever use. I wish I were more creative with my colours and would try out something this fun and creative, but honestly they’re just way too pastel-y for me. Pastel colours completely wash me out, and the choices of colours here aren’t the most flattering either. I’m excited for all my pastel-shadow-loving-girls but not for me!



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  1. Jessica Riga says:

    I love this idea, I’ve never heard of it but if you write about what you have bought or want to buy, why not write about the opposite! Loved reading your thoughts! Xx


    1. Thank youuu! Honestly always love your comments, they keep me going and excited to write haha. You should try doing it too I’d love to read what products you don’t want to buy haha. Thank you so much xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Jessica Riga says:

        Omg that’s so sweet of you to say and makes me so happy! πŸ’– I’ll definitely keep this in mind! Xx


  2. Love this post!! I’m gonna pass on a lot of these, thanks xx


    1. Haha, you should try writing an anti-haul too I’d love to read it! xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  3. MyStyleInsideOut says:

    I’m actually curious of the Benefit lippies just because it’s makes your lipstick application quick?? just curious on how it works really. But I am not really to pay the price for a tiny amount.


    1. You do have a point honestly, I guess it would be helpful in terms of efficiency. Definitely not worth the price, yeah- hopefully a drugstore brand will try creating a version of it! Thank you for reading xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I feel the same way about those Benefit lipsticks; gimmicky and a bit pointless. Also, have you seen the eyeshadow duos they came out with that are based on the same idea of two colors but applying them both with one applicator? So bizarre… I really enjoyed this post and reading your thoughts on these products.


    1. Lol okay, this is embarrassing, I just saw you mentioned the eyeshadows too. Well, glad we’re on the same page haha!


  5. This was so interesting to read – I love this as a post idea! The only release I had heard about was the new Benefit bronzer so I feel totally behind with new beauty products right now, haha. I agree totally about the Lorac palette It is soo pretty but I feel like pastels are super hard to pull off – not one for me! xx


    1. Haha you should follow trendmood on instagram, I just check her account daily to keep up with new releases lol. Thank you so much- you should try writing one too and link me to it I’d love to read it! xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  6. stashy says:

    Yes, I’ve heard bad things about theBalm Meet Matt(e) Ador. I feel like they rushed this one after the success of the previous?
    The Lorac palette looks like a watercolour kit…


    1. Definitely! And omg haha yesss to the lorac palette comment haha, it’s just so so not for me! Thank you for reading xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  7. bellainizio says:

    Preach about the Lorac palette … I don’t understand what you’re meant to achieve with it?! Absolutely fabulous post!


    1. Right?? You should try writing one too- I’d love to read it!! x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. bellainizio says:

        I might actually have to! Feeling all inspired πŸŽ‰ xx


  8. Flo Richard says:

    This is a brilliant idea, love the post!


    1. *screams* can’t believe I’ve just seen this!! Thank you thank you 😘

      Liked by 1 person

  9. brushyneedle says:

    I got the lipstick and to me it’s a huge disappointment. You better skip that x


  10. Irina says:

    I’m honestly starting to like anti-hauls more than hauls, I’m so fed up with brands promoting useless products to just sell us something!


  11. An ordinary gal says:

    Love this post! Also saw Shopper Mandy (I think) do one of these on YouTube and started planning my own ‘anti haul’…he he.


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