Palette A Week: Pilot Episode…

The moment we’ve all waited for is finally here. The first week of PAWs has finally come to an end- bittersweet, I must admit.

As you can probably tell by the featured image by now; I kicked things off with my Tarte Tarteist Paint Palette Collector’s Set from their Holiday 2016 collection. I knew I had to start with this for a number of reasons. I personally think this palette kind of perfectly captures the whole essence of this project. I’ve fan-girled over Tarte’s holiday limited edition palettes for years now, and every single time I don’t end up getting it. This year I decided would finally be different, and I was over the moon to see the gorgeous options they had released. I actually picked up their other palette and ended up returning it for this one. The shade range of this was so gorgeous and I love-love-loved the additives that came with (photos below) so it was a done deal. (P.s. I know this post isn’t about them, but I’ve also been only using that contour palette for my face and that mascara and I’m obsessed. Nothing compares to that blush shade for me honestly- and I’m about to purchase the mascara in full size it’s changed my life!!!)

I used this palette a total of two times. Yes. I still cant believe it, I had spent so long day dreaming over it and had finally made my dream come true; but I just never ended up using it. I still loved it, but I’m just a creature of habit, I suppose. The second I came up with this whole idea of a palette a week I knew I wanted to start with this and finally give it the true trial it deserves- and here’s the verdict!

palette closeup

So here’s a close up of what I’ve been working with. The colours really don’t photograph as beautifully as they look in reality but I hope you can still tell. It has a lot of matte neutrals but also some lovely pops of colour- which is precisely why I loved it so much! This palette has been just as amazing as I had fantasized about! Now, I tend to stick to my warm neutral eye- but this has been letting me create more of a cool toned brown. I will admit, I’ve unfortunately stuck to essentially the same look every day- I was hoping I’d branch out a bit. But I just loved the look I created the first time I tried it- I tried to take photos of the look but failed miserably to I’ve attached swatches of the shades I used below.

arm swatches

Every day I’d start with the shade Canvas all over as a base, and then I’d slowly build up the shades Take it Easel and Sepia in my crease as transition shades- these would look so smooth and gorgeous, the absolute perfect transition shades and I think they’ve even replaced my trusty Makeup Geek favourites. Then I build up the crease with Go For Baroque (can we juuuust take a brief moment for the shade names- so cute!). You know I had to at least dabble in that gorgeous warm orangey brown- so on some days I do take Doodle onto the lid for a more dramatic and warmer look. Finally I darken the outer corner with Make the Gradient and with my liner this ends up looking like a smokey winged shadow look that gets lighter as you go into the lid- LOVING IT!

Hand swatches

The formula on these shadows is actually so impressive. I didn’t expect much because as much as I love Tartelette in Bloom, I never really loved the formula. But these are super buttery and creamy, and the perfect amount of pigment. They blend beautifully and I’m honestly so glad I picked this up! I’ve loved how the colours look on and this has definitely passed the test- and I can guarantee I’m going to start using this more regularly, it’s so beautiful! I had to throw in those swatches above too to give you an idea of the gorgeous pigment and butteriness. I’d definitely recommend you guys to pick up next year’s holiday palettes, because this was so worth the hype!


I can’t imagine this challenge getting any easier honestly, and this was one of the palette’s I was worried about sticking to.I have been loving this so much that I’m actually sad to stop using it now, a part of me wishes I didn’t sign myself up for this- but then again that feeling will probably come with every palette haha.



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  1. What a fantastic blog series!!


    1. Thank you so much!! Hope you enjoy reading it xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the concept of this series! I am a palette addict so I will be sure to read them all! :😊


    1. You should try it out too! I’d love to read your reviews 🙂 x


  3. palette of the weeks are the best and were the sole reason why I started uploading Makeup of the Week’s over on the blog. I will admit it takes time though to get used to branching out of your comfort zone!


    1. Yesss, it’s been hard to not stick to the same palette for the next week once I get used to it TBH. Thank you so much for reading babe x

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  4. stashy says:

    That blush “palette” is adorable. 🙂
    These swatch better than I’d imagined – I especially like those rosey tones.
    It’s really challenging to deviate from your normal comfort zone when you’re in a rush and just need to slap on makeup to get out the door! It’d be different if you could “play” with makeup all day long…
    Also, I know that feeling all too way of pining over something for ages and then finally buying it… and then not use it. 😛


    1. Isn’t it just? Haha the lining is literally me with every single product- I get so dramatic about it but take so long to actually take the plunge haha. Thank you so much for reading btw, I really do appreciate your comments x


  5. diiblogs says:

    Love your post and the pictures 😍!


  6. brushyneedle says:

    Oh god! It looks so pretty!


    1. Right? It’s gorgeous. Thank you for stopping by x

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Be An Original has got to be one of the prettiest shades I’ve ever seen!


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