New Year, New Dry Shampoo…

If you’ve been here for a while, you’ll be familiar with my hot and heavy love affair with Dove’s Dry Shampoo. Trust me, it isn’t over. I still absolutely swear by it, and still stick by my statement that this is the only dry shampoo out there that actually cleans your hair. Having said that, I’ve still continued to constantly try out new dry shampoos; high end or affordable. I’ve come to a lot of findings and ended up hating most of them. Then I remembered the dry shampoo I had started out with (I mean if I’m really honest I started out with basic baby powder) which was Batiste. I think we’ve all had our Batiste moment, while most of us hated it. I will admit, I hated it at first. It felt gritty in my hair and the whiteness would take ages to tone down. That was until I came across their Brunette range…

batiste beautiful brunette

I’ve been using this for ages in conjunction with my Dove dry shampoo, but over the past few months I’ve found myself mostly sticking to this.  What I love about this more is actually the texture it gives my hair.  I find that the “Hint of Colour” range is so much less gritty, but instead it works to add volume and texture. It definitely feels like you have product in your hair, I wont lie, but it’s less of an offensive feeling and just does so much that you won’t  mind it.

batiste beautiful brunette 2

So, this definitely does the job of a dry shampoo. Being a girl whose hair gets greasy almost instantly, dry shampoo is an absolute must for me and I need it to really do the job. This completely removes any grease without mattifying my hair and leaving it grey. I find that this specific dry shampoo isn’t visible whatsoever, there is zero whiteness at any point and it doesn’t remove any natural shine or radiance of my hair which is amazing to me! My holy grail Dove dry shampoo can give me 3 extra days of no-wash and this bad boy gives me an entire week. Yes, you read right. I wouldn’t recommend regularly not washing your hair for a week haha, but for arguments sake I thought I’d test it out.


I’ve already worked through so many of these, and I’ve already got my back ups waiting. As a girl that needs to use dry shampoo a day after every single wash, I think of myself as a reliable source when it comes to dry shampoos haha. This has been working amazingly for me. I’ll still go for my Dove on days where I don’t want any texture or volume and just need to dry shampoo my hair, but if I’m ever not going to be at home then I’ll always go for this. it feels like a texturizing spray and a dry shampoo in one, without being too overwhelming. Let me know if you’re a Batiste lover or hater- I’ve met many of the latter haha.


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  1. I really love Batisse as well! It is such a good price too! 🙂 Good job for testing it out for a week. 🙂


    1. They’re the best! Super affordable, thank you so much for reading x

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