A Belated Charlotte Tilbury Review…

I know what you’re thinking, because I’ve thought it too; is it even necessary to review Charlotte Tilbury at this point?

charlotte tilbury flatlay

I’m well aware that she’s been around and loved for ages now, but as I’ve mentioned before I had never actually tried her makeup before. I’ve owned her Goddess Clay mask for a while now and loved it, but finally last winter I had the chance to try out one of her holiday collections. This set encompassed the brand perfectly, I feel. It had a limited edition eyeshadow quad, one of her infamous lip liners, a lipstick, a mascara and an eyeliner. I instantly fell in love, and I knew I wanted to review it and offer my two cents on the brand now that I’d finally try it. As you can tell, we’re verging on April now so this is a little belated- but I really wanted to give it a through and through trial! So here’s the verdict on Charlotte Tilbury makeup- in case it matters haha.

charlotte tilbury palette

Let’s kick things off with the most substantial product. Charlotte Tilbury’s eyeshadow quads have been loved and raved about for ages. I’d wanted to get my hands on Dolce Vita for ages. Initially this palette was a little underwhelming. It’s all light shimmery shades and so I knew this definitely isn’t a well-rounded choice of colours. There’s no way you could create a look using it alone. However, I was still over the moon to try out the shadows. I have used this palette every single time I’ve done a shimmery look. The formula is just so buttery and gorgeous, and the pigment is so buildable. The intense glitter on the bottom left is gorgeous to pack on with some fix + sprayed on the brush, but I’ve mostly loved using it as a light dusting of glitter across my lid. The two pink shades are just. I have no words. They’re the most gorgeous shades I’ve ever seen and they are so flattering on me! I’m definitely obsessed with this palette, but I’d have to give it a 4/5 just because it’s not the best palette in general- it is so limiting and at that price point I’d like at least one matte neutral shade.

charlotte tilbury eyes

So, these two fall on either end of the spectrum. The eyeliner just really underwhelmed me. It could be due to the fact that I don’t really use kohl liners all that often, but it seemed the exact same as the rest that I own. It didn’t do anything special or different, and it did rub off my waterline as they most do. I would not repurchase this, although I might pick it up in a cool unique colour and see how that goes.

The Legendary Lashes was the complete opposite for me. This mascara has changed my life. I cannot possibly rave about this enough, the difference this makes in my lashes is unreal. It lengthens them, adds volume, and honestly looks like it’s adding lash fibres. It’s super intense but can be used lightly for a more natural and just lengthening look. This is my go to is I ever want to rock a mascara-only look, and I know I can rely on this. I will keep repurchasing this forever and ever!

charlotte tilbury lips

This is so sad for me, but I’ve lost this lip liner since I took this photo. I used it a couple of times and then it went missing- which is so heartbreaking because I’ve always wanted to try her Lip Cheats. I will say though, the few times that I used this I actually didn’t love it. It dragged on my lips and I just felt like my Rimmel liners are a lot creamier. However, this lipstick has been in my handbag ever since I got it. This is in the shade Secret Salma and it is the perfect pink. I love patting this onto my lips for a natural your-lips-but-better look, and I definitely use this daily. The formula is gorgeous, it’s a super comfortable matte finish and it is actually really long lasting. Mostly I’m just in love with the colour!


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  1. stashy says:

    Dolce Vita seems to be everyone’s “must have” from CT but I tested it and found that one metallic shade to be TOO much for me. I ended up with The Sophisticate which is her only all matte palette. The formula is just ok – it didn’t wow me enough for me to rush out to get another one.
    I do have her lipstick in Bitch Perfect, I like the colour but again, not earth shattering – I really love the tube design though! 😛


    1. You know I didn’t even know she had an all matte palette, yes I also feel like even though the formula is fine it’s not outstanding. I’ve had my eyes on Bitch Perfect actually! Such a beautiful colour. Thank you so much for reading as always xxxx


  2. I actually do use this palette alone for a look haha. It is a bit of a different one though, and I wouldn’t use it for someone who had more mature skin (so much shimmer!) but I do love it. Otherwise I had pretty much the exact same feelings you did about this kit! I love the mascara but I can’t wear it though 😦 it smudges so badly on me (to be fair though, all mascaras do unless they’re tubing formulas)


    1. Noha ♡ says:

      No way? I keep hearing it smudges for a lot of people, I love it! Haha maybe you should give me your tips on how to create a look with it 😛 Thank you for reading Steph xx


      1. I’m surprised to hear that it smudges! My eyelids are hella oily so almost everything does but I don’t actually have a problem with this one. Maybe I’ve just been lucky though *touches wood*
        I follow the tutorial she had on the USB for it 😀 Top left shade all over lid, top right shade in crease, bottom right shade along lashline smudged out then the glitter on the lid (applied with a finger only because big nope on brush application for that one unless you want fallout eeerrrrywhere). I admit I’d kinda prefer a darker matte shade in the crease but when I’m in a hurry (which is always) it does the job haha


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