What’s in My Bag…

For a passionate beauty blogger, there are few moments as special as those where you finally get to write a post you’ve watched and read millions of times. Along with hauls and favourites,  ‘what’s in my bag’s are a classic in the world of beauty gurus. They’re one of my favourite YouTube videos to watch. There’s something eerily entertaining about peeking into other people’s handbags and seeing what they carry with them every day. In terms of beauty products also, it’s the perfect way to know what people actually truly love and use daily. So, I figured it’s about time I welcomed you all into the magical wonderland that is Noha’s handbag. Let’s creep on inside…

red messenger bag

Now, I’m not a huge handbag connoisseur. I’m definitely not the girl to be lusting after tons of designer bags, I stick to simple places and usually only switch up my handbag if I come across one I really love. I mostly use the same one for a good year. Things have changed a little recently. I’ve been obsessed with cute and unique looking messenger bags (which is also unlike me since I usually opt for a big bag). I’ve been buying brightly coloured messenger bags left right and center. Also, I’ve been obsessed with a gold chain. Slowly but surely, I’m getting more and more into styling handbags with my outfits. This is my most recent obsession. I came across this online on the New Look sale, and I can’t seem to put it down. It’s gorgeously tiny but fits a lot (clearly), and I find it so flattering to wear. I also think the colour is a perfect pop of colour that goes with every single one of my outfits (I’m definitely more of a neutrals girl when it comes to clothing).

whats in my bag lipsticks

Hi, my name is Noha and I’m a lippie-in-purse hoarder. I have a seriously problem, I always have. This is me really toning it down for the smaller bag- usually I have my entire collection in my handbags. I just love to switch my lip up throughout the day, and I always need a balance of natural pinks and bold lips and my lippies that I can just put on quickly for a bit of colour. I’ve spoken about most of these, but here are some highlights. I cannot live without my Body Shop velvet stick, you all know. It’s my go to natural lip, but for a bold look I always always go for my Lime Crime in Pumpkin -which was meant to be a fall shade, but I love wearing it all year round. Buxom is slowly becoming my favourite lip brand of all time, and this full on lip cream in White Russian just makes my lips look gorgeous- they look smooth and supple, and just kissable!

hand sanitizer peach bellini

Here are a few random bits and bobs I carry around with me at all time. I need a hand sanitizer at all times, I always stock up on these during any BBW sales and work through them so quickly! Right now I’m loving this peach bellini scent- and the name is so cute! Then I have my gum, always need a gum; and yes, I’m more of a fruity kind of girl, not a big fan of minty flavours. I always carry around a scent with me to touch up throughout the day, usually I have my Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck (yes, I’m that basic) but lately I’ve been loving my mini Jo Malone’s to make me feel classy haha.

carpe that diem

I had to throw this in because I’ve been obsessed with this card holder. I’ve always been a wallet kind of girl, but lately I’ve just been loving how simple and elegant a card holder feels- so I’ve been putting this one to use that my sister got me ages ago. Sums up my entire attitude towards shopping- and I love the rose gold!

phone cover chill pills

Yes, I’m one of those. I love huge obnoxious covers. I have a huge collection and I change it daily. I picked this one up ages ago and I’ve been loving it lately. I just love the colour scheme and honestly it’s so appropriate – I’m the hugest anxious mess all the time, so it’s cute and accurate haha.

Let me know if you’ve had fun in my bag haha- and link your own What’s in My Bag below if you’ve written one, I’d love love love to read it!



16 Comments Add yours

  1. janahpinku says:

    That phone case is the cutest! 💕

    Btw, I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award.


    1. Omg thank you so much!! I’m so behind on blogger tags, I always save them and then end up forgetting to write them haha. Thank you so much I’ll add it to the list for sure xoxoxo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. janahpinku says:

        It’s okay, no pressure haha. And you’re welcome. I am happy to include you on this tag. 💕


  2. Azra says:

    I love your bag, it’s so cute. xx



  3. stashy says:

    I was wondering what that Chill Pill thing was! I’m really utilitarian – clear phone cover and it never gets removed! 😛
    You just reminded me that I have that little Vaseline lip balm… where did mine go?!


    1. Hahah oh no I could never ever be like that, I love my huge over the top covers- I even have a toilet cleaner looking one haha. Yesss girl find it- need to have a Vaseline lip balm on hand at all times! Thank you for reading love xx


  4. nandaispanda says:

    Your writing style is so unique and fun! I love to read your posts. Also, your photographing skills are getting better and better.
    This post reminded me what a fun is to read “what’s in my bag” related stuff, maybe I’ll write one myself. 🙂 Keep up the good work! xo


    1. You have no idea how much I appreciate this comment! That’s so so lovely of you to say, I really do put a lot of effort in and I’m always so critical of everything I put out haha so it’s nice for receive some affirmations. Yes please do write one and let me know when you do- I’d love to read it!! Thank you so much xx

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Sophie says:

    This reminded me how much I love what’s in my bag posts…gotta do one soon!


    1. Yesss please do, and let me know when you do so I can read it!! Thank you for reading x


  6. What a cool looking blog and of course, content that is well written with clear personality and sense of fun shining through. Thanks for popping up on my blog, glad I found you out that way!


    1. Awww that’s so sweet of you to say!! Thank you so much, so glad to have you on here so we can talk more 🙂 thank you x


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