Ulta Platinum Sale Picks… Oh yes.

In case you were just thinking I’m not spending enough on Sephora, I am indeed hitting the Ulta sale. Ever since I visited my sister in the U.S. over a year ago I got her to Platinum status within two weeks. Now I intend to use the benefits. I’m not actually in the U.S. right now so I’m going to be putting my sister to work to pick these up for  me! Now, the Platinum sale is actually 20% as opposed to Sephora so I’m actually planning to get a lot of stuff from yesterday’s list from Ulta instead. Also, I should note that these aren’t particularly expensive products I’m trying to get discounted, it’s also some drugstore pieces that are only available in the U.S. so I’m using this sale to finally get them. I’m so excited for all of the stuff and I think i actually will end up picking these all up!


I’m clearly just all about Tarte when it comes to these sales! I just think they’ve been so on point with their releases lately, and I’m so bitter that I missed out on their F&F sale, so I want to pick out everything I wanted to then. I’m all about mists lately, I just keep ordering  more and more and trying to find the perfect one. I thought I’d give this one a go and see how it works.


Do I even have to tell you guys about my scarring issues anymore? I think not. Ever since I started struggling with scars I’ve considered trying this overnight mask out. I’ve never tried H20+ beauty but I just hear so much about it. Excited to see if this works out!


While we’re on the topic of scarring… I had actually never considered trying this mask out, it sounded gimmicky and like it just worked to whiten your complexion which doesn’t sound that appealing. However, recently I’ve been reading a lot of your posts talking about how amazing this is for scarring and so I’m willing to give it a go.


I can’t even tell you guys how long I’ve been lusting after this and the Wet n Wild foundation and the Milani one. I don’t know why, but I lump the three together as the American drugstore high coverage releases that everyone loves. I don’t have access to the other two but I’m excited to give this one a try.


If I’m honest, I’m just getting this because I’m intrigued haha. I’ve always loved Yes To, I love the creativity of their releases and I really do trust their tomatoes range. This mask comes in powder form and it’s a little DIY. I was just too intrigued, I also think it’d be fun to try this out for you all!


I am so so so ready! This is definitely 100% an Instagram inspired purchase! I’m sure you’ve all seen it everywhere, and I’ve been so desperate to try it out. I do have access to NYX but they haven’t stocked this yet, and I just can’t wait. Super excited to try this out, it just sounds like a dream.

Let me know what you’re planning to pick up or what you think I should try!


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  1. I love Tarte’s stuff, too – the packaging is just so lovely. 🙂 I actually just went to Sephora for the first time in ages, splished out on a few birthday treats. It’s easy to get carried away!


  2. goodbooksandglamlooks says:

    I LOVE the Mario Badescu whitening mask!!! I have acne scarring and I have definitely seen an improvement since I started using it! Hope you like it! 😊


    1. Noha ♡ says:

      Ooooh now I’m even more excited to try it haha. Thank you for reading xx

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