TLC: Tender Love & Cuticle Care….

We all love a good manicure pampering sesh, but sometimes it’s nice to fake it at home. I love settling down to an episode of Geordie Shore and giving myself a mini facial, and sometimes it’s nice to give my nails some extra care too. I mentioned recently that I’ve been trying to give my nails more of a break recently. I just reached a point a year ago where they were constantly cracked and breaking and they genuinely felt paper thin. So I’ve been showing them some love, and I thought I’d show you the few steps that really helped…

Not too long ago, I ran out of my trusty Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover so I was due to pick up a new one. Then I came across this glorious set. The set comes with an express nail polish remover and a nail & cuticle care- both of which come in sponge form for you to dip your fingers into, and then a four sided nail file. This set was super affordable for everything you get, but did it actually work?

My nails have never been healthier. Honestly, I cannot even begin to express to you how thick and healthy my nails feel. I find myself constantly touching them just because I’m so shocked. Also, this may sound weird and call me crazy but I feel like the whiteness of my nail tips is just so much whiter. When my nails were at their unhealthiest I really felt like that part of my nails was kind of sheer and see through, but now they look like I’ve got a french manicure on!

Let’s begin with the nail polish remover. Honestly, I expected nothing less of this range. I’ve used so many nail polish remover, drugstore and high end, and absolutely nothing works as quickly as this. It’s honestly shocking with every single use. One swipe with this will instantly remove your polish no matter how many layers. It works like nothing else, I hardly even have to twist my finger- just dip it in and come out with clean nails. The best part of this too is it’s not stripping at all. A lot of strong nail polish removers are prone to leave my nails feeling dry and stripped, but this always leaves my nails feels so smooth and soft- I love it!

Next, I go ahead and dip my fingers into the Instant Nail & Cuticle Care with Camelia Oil . Yesssss!!! Yes, yes, yes to this! My cuticles have never been in a better place, this honestly works insanely well to keep your cuticles hydrated and your nails strong. It smells beautiful and is just so easy to use. I just lightly dip each finger in and massage the oil into my nails and cuticles. It feels so luxurious and easy to use!

Finally, I honestly swear by a four sided nail file. I usually stick to The Body Shop’s ones and I just never thought to try a higher end one, they all work the same, right? No! This leaves my nails smoother and shinier than my old ones have ever! I’m honestly obsessed with using this, and the shine it leaves has just left me not painting my nails once since picking it up!

I’ve only used this set a few times and already see drastic results in the health of my nails and even visible results. I honestly think I’ve discovered the dream team and I will be using these forever!!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Azra says:

    I’m all about nail care, so that nail & cuticle care product sounds absolutely amazing. I have to check it out. xx


  2. I love the Sephora nail polish remover! It’s my go to when I need to remove glitter.


    1. Noha ♡ says:

      Omg it’s the best, I really want to try out their one that’s specifically for glitter! Thank you for reading x


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