First Korean Beauty Haul…

I love Korean beauty. From their skincare to their makeup, it’s just always so intriguing and works so well. Now, I’ve had my fair share of trying out Korean beauty, but I’ve only ever tried what I find at Urban Outfitters or Sephora. I’ve always been tempted to make an online order and recently I was lucky enough to have that opportunity. I was given the chance to peruse BeautySesh and pick out some products I was interested in trying.

Now, I went in with a plan. There had been a fair few K-beauty products I had been interested in for ages and ages, and once I opened their website I realized they had every single one of them. I’ve browsed Althea before, but honestly there were a lot of brands I was interested in and couldn’t find on there. Beautysesh had such a wide variety, and they always had offers going on too! I tried to not go overboard, it was tempting trust me. I decided to just try out the products I had thought about for the longest time.

First and foremost, I knew I had to pick up the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask, I just knew I needed to try this out. If you haven’t heard of this, it’s a clay mask that foams up and forms bubbles on your face. I’ve been so interested in this for ages and ages, so I’m excited to finally try it out.

Next, as you all know by now- I’ve been wanting to try out the infamous SK-II dupe. I picked up Missha’s The First Treatment Essence to see if it compared to my SK-II. It’s a fraction of the price, so I’m really hoping this saves my life because I just cannot see myself carving out the money to buy SK-II regularly.

Another product that I’ve been lusting after for a good few years now; Missha’s Perfect Cover BB Cream. Now, I’m not off to the best start with this. I tried my best to colour match online and think I did a good job -but this turned out just GREY. It’s grey. It blended out pretty well so I’m hoping to try it regardless because this felt amazing. It felt so smooth and hydrating on my hand while giving intense coverage. I’ve wanted this for too long, so I may just walk around looking grey…

Lastly, a very recently hyped product; Heroine’s Length and Curl Waterproof Mascara. I had bought into the huge Fairydrops hype and honestly I wasn’t blown away, I’m hoping my experience with this one goes a little differently…

Oh, and I got these samples in here! I picked up a few of the Tony Moly Pore Masks, just out of curiosity. I also got sent some COSRX samples which was exciting since I’d almost bought some of them!

Let me know what products I need to pick up for my next order! I’m definitely going back for numerous rounds, let’s get real…


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  1. Looking forward to your review Missha The first Treatment Essence❤😍

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  2. janahpinku says:

    Wow I’m so excited for you! You picked two of Missha’s best sellers: the First Treatment Essence and the Perfect Cover BB Cream.

    I’ve been wanting to try that carbonated bubble clay mask for ages too. Have fun with all your new K-Beauty goodies. 💕


    1. Noha ♡ says:

      Yaaay, so excited to try them out! Thank youu and thank you so much for reading x

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  3. Victoria says:

    Yeeey! I just recently got into the whole Korean skincare world so I’m definitely excited for you! 🙂 The Missha Essence is what I’ve been eyeing for months now and I will be definitely be purchasing that in my next Althea order (I just tried their site for the first time so yey). As for the BB Cream, every single shade actually comes off either ashy or gray. It’s a pain! I’m NC40 and Korean products are known to not have any shade darker than NC25 (you might one for NC30 if you’re lucky) which is just sad because I would have love to try their base products. I’m just yet to encounter that offers a dark foundation/BB cream. 😦


    1. Noha ♡ says:

      Yesss I know. Honestly my biggest problem is how ashy or gray they are, I feel like my skin tone is essentially an NC30, and I might find colour matches but the undertone is just too ashy. Thank you for reading x

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  4. Azra says:

    Packing is just on point. Korean products always look so nice. xx


    1. Noha ♡ says:

      I know right? They’re so pretty, let’s hope they work too haha x

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  5. stashy says:

    So fun!
    I had that Missha’s Perfect Cover BB Cream and it broke me out unfortunately. It does come in other colours that aren’t grey – there’s a beige colour as I recall.
    The Heroine mascara is supposed to be really good – it’s a Japanese brand, not Korean. I’ve heard it’s SUPER long wearing – you’ll need a heavy duty waterproof eye makeup remover!
    I always like how many samples Korean online shops provide.
    I hope the Missha is a good dupe to the SK-II!


    1. Noha ♡ says:

      Omg yes the mascara is really dramatically long wearing. It was such a pain to get off! I don’t know how I feel about it honestly, still feeling it out. Yes, I’m going to compare the two essences soon -stay tuned! Thank you for reading xx


  6. Tigritsa says:

    “so I may just walk around looking grey…” I don’t know why but that made me laugh. Thanks for the giggle lol.

    Would love to read a review or update on the first treatment essence!


    1. Noha ♡ says:

      Haha I just refuse to not get some use out of it haha. Yess, the review will be coming soon! I already have a verdict on it… Thank you for reading love x

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  7. I have to try them.


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