Anti-Haul SS17

Ah, our favourite posts to write. After weeks of raving and raving on about products and sharing our must-haves, it’s always refreshing to write a post that completely bashes products. Anti-hauls are an absolute favourite of mine, both to write and to read. It’s crazy that it’s been so long since I’ve shared one, especially considering how many new releases I’m NOT interested in. Let’s get right into it. If you’re unfamiliar with anti-hauls, get ready for me to convince you NOT to buy a bunch of products as opposed to the norm around here…

Let’s start with the elephant in the beauty community right now; KKW Contour Kits. Where do I begin? When chatter began about Kim releasing a beauty range, I was dying. We all know I’m quite the fan of Kylie cosmetics -unfortunately. When photos began to surface of the contour sticks she was planning to release I was instantly disappointed. I’m not a huge contouring fan, but I was still open to trying it. Then more and more photos came out and then came the swatches, and then the price. I will never buy these. First of all, I seriously do believe the packaging is insanely cheap considering the price and it looks more like something you’d find in poundland or the dollar store. Granted, the colour is pretty but it’s just too basic and cheap. Secondly, I was seriously disappointed in the shade range. The fact that I could get away with wearing almost every shade range except the darkest is crazy to me. I really don’t think it caters to a wide range of skin tones. Lastly, I just don’t think anyone really uses stick concealers anymore so that addition was pointless. 

Did I say lastly? How could I forgot the joke of a brush/sponge duo. I just couldn’t be more disappointed, especially that Kim has been a beauty idol for years now and so you’d think she would release something extraordinary when finally dabbling in beauty products. Really a big factor in my dislike for this release is also the shade surrounding it. You may have seen all of the reviews being posted to YouTube and I’m so skeptical about all of them. I’m sorry, but I know that if I had a chance to get invited by Kim K and test out her products- I wouldn’t dare bash them. That’s precisely how I feel everything went down. I was especially skeptical of Jeffree Star’s review, I always expect honesty from him but something just didn’t add up. Honestly I had always loved the Kardashians and especially Kim, but clearly she just wanted to cash in on what looked like a successful project that Kylie took on- I mean she even called them kits for christs sake. 

Now that we have that rant out of the way, let’s move on to some products I don’t passionately hate- rather I just won’t be partaking in them. Now everyone has been raving on about how excited they are for Dose of Colors Lipstick release, and honestly they look great if you’re a lipstick lover. For me, I rarely use lip sticks. I’m more of a liquid lipstick, stains or gloss kind of girl. So these just aren’t for me. 

Can I just say it? I think the packaging of this range is hideous! I don’t understand how so many people have loved the packaging, I think it looks extremely cheap and just badly done. Packaging aside, the shades in the eyeshadow palette have just been so overdone that I’m so not tempted. Aside from that, the lip products are extremely strange choices to me honestly, especially the glitters. The only thing I’m excited for but probably won’t pick up is The Wet Set, I just think this looks unique and beautiful so good job there but all in all the collection is irrelevant. 

I really strongly dislike Huda Beauty as a person, but that hasn’t stopped me from trying out and loving some of her products. However, this one is completely lost on me. Personally I would never use a holographic lip topper anyway but even if I would- I feel like this has been so done. I just feel like it lacks originality and is a kind of release I’d expect from a well established brand with a wide range of products that also releases seasonal or on trend products. For a brand that hardly has any releases, I just feel like this was a strange choice and direction to go in. 

Sadly, I really feel like The Balm has lost their game lately. They wowed us with Mary Lou and that had them in the spotlight for a while, but they just kind of dropped the ball. They’ve been bringing out a lot of releases lately and none of them are anything to write home about. This new Nude Beach palette is no exception. To me, it’s extremely similar to the Modern Renaissance palette, except the way the shadows are laid out here is extremely annoying. Now I don’t have OCD, but it bothers me so much when eyeshadow palettes are arranged weirdly. Aside from that, The Balm eyeshadows really aren’t anything special so I’m going to sit this one out. 

Let me know what releases you’ll be sitting out!



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  1. Azra says:

    I think that KKW makeup “line” is a joke, she is basically using her name to make something that is outdated, does anyone uses contouring sticks any more. I though we are pass this. Still she made money, that’s all that she cares about really. xx


    1. Noha ♡ says:

      An absolute joke!! Exactly, she literally just wanted to make as much money as Kylie clearly did haha. Thank you for reading angel xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jessica Riga says:

    Love these posts from you! Totally agree with the Kim contouring kits, I found Jeffree’s review so suss as well! I’m disappointed, Kim could have done a great job if she came out with something better than this a few years ago when contouring was huge! I feel like a more natural look is all the rage now. Also I can’t stand the Kylie summer packaging too! Who said beige dots was good? Her packaging reminds me of Sportsgirl makeup packaging sometimes (I like their packaging!) but everything seems so not cohesive? I also think it’s shady she used the name “Skinny Dip” after it’s become Jouier’s most popular product! This comment is huge but I just agree so much with everything you said! Xx


    1. Noha ♡ says:

      Sooo suss! And exactly, it’s Kim Kardashian I mean you’d think when she finally dabbled in beauty it would be on trend and perfect, but it’s just such an unnecessary addition and it’s so irrelevant right now. And thank you!! The packaging is god awful, the dots and I think there’s some camo on some of them- no no no! Also, yes I couldn’t agree more, Jouer is the first thing I thought of too- super shady! Aww thank you so much honestly, you’re always free to leave long comments, I love hearing from you xxx

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  3. I totally love these posts! I feel exactly the same about the KKW collection. I was really excited when she announced it but I have never really felt so deflated when I saw the packaging and the idea of a stick product. No thank you. Not my thang. I am excited to see people use them, as I always am, but I will definitely not be investing! xxx


    1. Noha ♡ says:

      Absolutely not, I’m sorry but $48 for that!? No way. I love these posts too!! Haha please let me know whenever you write one I’d love to read it xxx

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      1. I might actually attempt one this month!! No exactly?! It is a joke! xxx


  4. hoiyinli says:

    I wear makeup but I mean, I don’t really follow makeup-trends or new releases too closely so I’m always ‘late to the game’, so to speak. But I know I definitely won’t be missing out on the KKW line! I have nothing against her but as soon as I knew she was coming out with her own beauty line, I felt like I immediately read through her. And sadly, the product shows that.


    1. Noha ♡ says:

      Definitely! If you want you should follow trendmood on Instagram, that’s how I always keep up with what’s coming out- or you know you could always just read my posts 😇 haha xx


      1. hoiyinli says:

        I’ll take a look at their IG, thank you!

        I’m sure I will, I always enjoy reading your posts! 🙂 xx


  5. I agree about the Kylie Vacation packaging! I hate that beige blah colour hahaha I thought it was just me. And definitely won’t be spending all that money on a contour stick either. Pretty much agree with all of this! Love this post, as always! ❤️


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