The Ordinary Products That Were Very Ordinary…

I’m certain this title has thrown you off. Me? Criticizing The Ordinary? It’s unheard of. If you’ve been around, you’ll know how much I absolutely swear by this brand. It is the only Skincare brand that has shown me crazy results and it is my holy grail or all holy grails. I trust them with my life! Which is why they’ve never screwed me over, I’d like to make that clear. Today’s post is all about products of theirs that I’ve tried out and been left wanting more. They didn’t cause any damage, but they didn’t do any good either.  Considering that most of their products have transformed my skin and given me visible results with every use, these three really left me disappointed when they did absolutely nothing for me. Considering these are some of their most hyped products- I thought I’d give you the tea on them in case you’ve been tempted to try them out…

Let’s start off with the one I was most excited for. I’m all about acids, I’ve found they give me the fastest amazing results with my skin- so when I heard that The Ordinary was releasing a Glycolic Acid Toner I died! Finally I can replace another step in my Skincare routine with The Ordinary products. I also had a feeling this would be a dupe for Pixi’s Glow Tonic or even P50. I honestly just haven’t seen any results with this. I haven’t noticed less texture or an extra glow. I sticked to using it for a couple of weeks and cut out my lactic acid step and once I switched back I went back to noticing less texture. So this just didn’t do anything for me, and I’d definitely rather stick to my Lactic Acid. If you’re after a glycolic toner, try this out before purchasing a high end one since it is so affordable and maybe it works for you; but personally it was an unnecessary step. 

Another one I was super excited for. The Ordinary may be keeping my skin in check, but I still get the occasional breakout as a result of testing out new products. I’m always looking for spot treatments that work, and they rarely do for me. So I had high hopes that their Salicylic Acid Treatment would do the job. Nope, nothing. This didn’t reduce redness or the size or do anything for my pimple. I tried it about three times and each time I didn’t notice any difference. I’m not too surprised, as I said spot treatments often let me down. But this one definitely did nothing! 

Now from the first time I tried this, I had mentioned how skeptical I was to you all. The texture instantly putts you off. It’s a cream that is extremely dry, the second it touches your skin it kind of instantly dries down and mattifies. Every time I would use this I could just feel this layer sitting on top of my skin and my skin would feel so dry. I was willing to continue to deal with it considering the rave reviews of how amazing it is for brightening. But after a couple of weeks I had almost ran out of product and nothing had changed. It didn’t really have an impact and even though it is cheap I was pretty disappointed with how little product comes in the tube. Won’t be repurchasing this one, unfortunately. 

Lastly, the product that I continue to use and I’m not sure why. Once Wayne Goss raved on about the Caffeine eye gel, I knew I needed to try it. This claims to really help with darkness and puffiness under the eyes. Now, unlike the last product, I know this one will last a lifetime. I still haven’t even worked through one pump of the dropper- and it’s been over a month. You need the tiniest amount because it really spreads. This definitely didn’t do anything or make any visible impact, but the reason this let me down was mostly the texture. It also felt extremely drying and I don’t know about you guys but I like my eye creams to feel hydrating and not to feel drying. It just didn’t feel great, it would feel tacky and dry under my eyes and I just don’t feel like that’s doing any good in terms of anti aging. 

So there you go guys, finally a post where I don’t promise my first born to The Ordinary! Let me know what The Ordinary products you haven’t gotten along with πŸ™‚ 

P.s. Just realized after publishing this that it was my 200th post!!! What an exciting milestone πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽŠ


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  1. Daniela says:

    Haha, you saved me from buying the salicylic acid although it is just Β£3.90. I quite liked Azelaic Acid because it did lighten my red breakouts and because it was dry feeling so I could easily use night moisturiser on top, only that probably the silicone in it made it feeling a bit heavy if i didn’t try to use it with light hand. For me it is unfortunately Niacinamide that did nothing for my skin, or at least nothing I wanted it to do for me but found other products that worker better. It shows that everybody’s different and their skin likes different things.


  2. I don’t know. I’m always tempted but in the end I’m always skeptical. We reviewed a few of them at twindly (mostly Dorit though). I like the The Ordinary Rosehip oil as far as Rosehip oils go… I mean it’s the same thing, just cheaper than other brands so why not? Apart from that I’ve NIOD’s Voicemail Masque, which I use and still enjoy using but not entirely sure what it does to my skin.
    I was tempted by the toner and caffeine solution too… but now I think I can safely say I won’t get them for the time being. Maybe the toner, but definitely not the caffeine.
    Thanks for the review, Noha!


  3. Michelle says:

    Great post and congratulations on your 200th post!! Xx


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