Palette of The Week: Chloe Morello x Ciate Pretty, Fun and Fearless Palette

I know, I know. This entire series was about working through my existing palette collection and putting them to use. Yet, here we are with the second week in a row about a recently purchased palette. I can’t help it. You just can’t buy something and put it on the back burner- I had to play! I hauled the Chloe Morello x Ciate palette a while ago, as I mentioned I had been eyeing this for ages and couldn’t believe it was back in stock. When it arrived the colours were even more beautiful than they looked in photos, so let’s see how it worked out…

The second  I got it, I naturally instantly swatched and was blown away. These shadows swatched more beautifully than any I own. I didn’t need to dip my finger in too much and it actually felt so buttery it was almost creamy. The shimmers were insanely intense without having any chunky glitter to them. I was obsessed, so it was time to try them out…

I was in love. For the first day I went for an all matte neutral look (what else is new) and the formula was so blendable. It applied insanely pigmented but blended out so easily that it wasn’t an issue. The colours were perfect for me. Unconditional was just the most beautiful transition colour and I really could just put it all over my lids and call it a day because it’s such a gorgeous neutral caramel colour. On Fire also worked perfectly with it, and then Queen Bee to darken the outer corner. It took me a couple of days to venture out, because these shades just worked so beautifully together I could not get enough. I’ve never really tried any Ciate products so I wasn’t expecting much, but I’m seriously blown away by this formula…

Things kind of went a bit downhill when I decided to jump into the shimmers. I was super excited because these had swatched so beautifully, so I packed Vaycay onto my brush which was the perfect gold btw, and nothing. This applied so faintly to my lids. It barely distributed colour and was just nowhere near as beautiful as the swatches. I tried again the next couple of days and it just did nothing for me. Then I used my finger… This definitely did the trick and you can definitely get the beautiful metallic sheen with your fingers, I just wish it worked on a brush because I hate using my fingers for shadow.

Here are the swatches of my ride or die shades in the palette -TOP to BOTTOM: Shine Bright, Dainty, Vaycay, On Fire and Unconditional. I mean can you see how beautiful those shimmers are? I feel like you can also tell how buttery the formula is and how smoothly it applies, as I said these swatches were with a single swipe of the shadow.

Honestly, I’m blown away. I’m not sure if it’s simply because my expectations were pretty low of Ciate, or just that this is an amazing formula. Either way, I cannot get enough and honestly I think I’ll continue to turn to some of these shades as basics even during other palette trials – I can’t stop!



11 Comments Add yours

  1. Azra says:

    Shades are absolutely beautiful. She did great job with this collaboration. xx


  2. Been wanting this palette for the longest time but every time I find its sold out 😦 x


  3. fadedrouge says:

    Looks beautiful!


  4. The colours in this are stunning!! I love unconditional and vacay, so gorgeous for this time of year! XX


  5. KimandMakeup says:

    Love the color selection on this!


  6. Tigritsa says:

    This palette is so beautiful! It’s too bad the shimmers don’t apply well with a brush! I would be disappointed with that, also.


    1. Noha ♡ says:

      Yeah, it’s crazy you just really can barely see any colour! Oh well, gonna have to stick to fingers :/ xx

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Ooh I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this palette! The colour selection is perfect, but like you said, it is always sold out!


    1. Noha ♡ says:

      Always! You should try ASOS, it seems to have stayed in stock on there! Xx


  8. Gorgeous colors in this palette. I also hate applying shadows with my fingers!


    1. Noha ♡ says:

      It’s just so messy haha xx


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