Palette of the Week: Smashbox x Casey Holmes Spotlight Palette in Pearl

Brand and influencer collaborations are heavily debated. A lot of people are very against them on principle, but personally, I fully support them. Whether I’m personally a fan of the influencer or not, I find that these collabs are often amazing because you have someone that is somewhat of an expert on makeup and what’s on trend giving us a product. More often than not, they literally look like the dream product. This is especially true of eyeshadow palettes, where we see the shades that are all the rage being represented in the palette. Well, in the case of Casey Holmes collaboration with Smashbox, I definitely picked it up because I do support her.

Well, in the case of Casey Holmes collaboration with Smashbox, I definitely picked it up because I do support her. Casey is one of the few YouTubers that I fully trust. The products she loves and hates generally tend to be the ones I also love and hate. Despite having different skin concerns, I just find that her recommendations have never let me down. When I saw that she was coming out with her own highlighters I was ecstatic, I wasn’t too sure about Smashbox because as I mentioned the other day I’m not all too into Smashbox products. A friend had swatched it in store and let me know that it didn’t swatch great. But, I trust Casey and so I decided to order it anyway. Let’s see if she let me down…

Honestly, this is hardly a palette of the week because I’ve been using it every single week since I got it! The second I first applied I was blown away. I had been going through a phase where I wasn’t feeling highlighters anymore, they all looked so patchy and too intense or too chalky. So this couldn’t have come at a better time. I used the middle shade ‘Crank It Up Pearl’ and this is hands down the perfect highlighter shade for me. It’s a champagne with a gold undertone, but it just works so beautifully on the cheeks.

This is one of those highlighters that beautifully catches the light and gives your cheeks a sheen and wetness rather than a chunky glittery stripe across your cheeks. It really melts into the skin and blends beautifully. I’d describe the third shade ‘Blow a Fuse Pearl’ as a glittery version of my favourite shade, but honestly I kind of love the glitter. It isn’t chunky or patchy, it just kind of distributes a few glitters and works to add an extra glow to your cheeks. The first shade is the one I don’t think I’ll use much. It still is beautiful but it’s a bit too matte for me, and it’s also very light which is a problem considering that it is the most pigmented so if you aren’t fair you’ll end up with a white stripe.

Casey definitely did not let us down with this palette, it’s honestly becoming my favourite highlighter in my collection and I honestly think I’ll repurchase a back up because I think I need this staple in my collection! Let me know if you’ve tried it out and how it worked for you 🙂



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  1. I have had my eye on this since it was released! I’m obsessed with Casey Holmes and can’t wait to get my hands on this palette! xoxo

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  2. Kali Borovic says:

    Ugh I’m obsessed with your photos! This palette looks gorgeous xx.

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    1. Noha ♡ says:

      Omg Kali, you’re too sweet!! Thank you xx

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  3. This palette looks gorgeous, love it 😉

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  4. Tigritsa says:

    I like Casey Holmes too! I’m glad this palette worked out for you! It looks beautiful!


    1. Noha ♡ says:

      Awww if you like her you should try it out too! Honeslty it’ll surprise you, it’s so amazing xx

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  5. lizzygrace says:

    I recently purchased this and have no regrets! It’s quickly become one of my fave highlighting products! Amazing that you can use them alone and that the shades compliment each other to mix!


  6. Makeup & Beauty Blog says:

    these highlighters look gorgeous!


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