Sephora VIB Rouge Sale Wish List

It’s that time of year again… Yes, thanksgiving and christmas are right around the corner, but we all know I’m talking about Sephora’s VIB Rouge sale! The Christmas of beauty addicts. We’ve all been waiting for months now, and we’ve all been planning out our purchases. I’ve been seeing wish lists for sale everywhere I turn, so I thought I’d share my own! Now, I do notice that most people use these sales to purchase insanely expensive products. I’m not really made of that kind of money haha, so I simply save the more expensive products I want for the sale. By more expensive I just mean within the $30-$50 range. Now, normally I have insanely long and unrealistic wish lists, but this time I’ve really narrowed it down to the products I think I can afford and that I’ve been wanting for a long time. Let’s see what I’m (hopefully) going to be picking up!


Let’s start with the most random product. Now, if you know me you’ll know I’m not big on lipsticks. I’m more of a gloss or liquid lipstick person. But I just can’t explain it, the second I saw this YSL Rouge Pur Couture Dazzling Lights Lipstick in Rose Stiletto I was in love. The color is perfection for  me, but it was the packaging too. You know when there’s a luxury product on your wishlist that you can’t really justify but you just know it’ll bring you happiness? Yeah, that’s what this is.


No need to go into detail here… If you’ve been around, you’ll have seen this Tarte Tight & Bright Multi-Mask on my many wishlists for a while now. I always just figured I’d save it for this sale, so that’s going to happen for sure.


I don’t want to say much about this either, mostly because I’ve already tried it and have been saving my in depth review for the blog. I basically had this in the wrong shade, so I returned and waited for the sale to buy my right shade. Stay tuned for the long/rambly review soon to come…


When I get obsessed, I get obsessed. I’ve been crazy about bronzers lately. I just can’t seem to get enough. I’m constantly buying new ones and testing some out- I just love how bronzers look all of a sudden. This Too Faced Sweetie Pie Bronzer has been on my radar ever since it came out, but the gold glitter put me off. After watching a few people use it and realizing it was just a film that came off, I knew I needed it. I love peachy warm bronzers for blush and that’s precisely what this looks like- and my body is ready!


You all know I’ve been all about The Ordinary this past year. I’ve trusted them and they’ve had my back. Well, I don’t know if my skin is craving a switch up or if something else has changed, but I’ve been breaking out again recently. Not happy about it. So I decided it’s time to get the Kate Somerville Anti-Bac Lotion that I’ve always considered trying. I’m really praying this helps  me out right now!


This may be a more recent release, but that doesn’t take away from the obsession! The Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palettes were one of the most exciting releases I’ve seen for a while now. The Warm Brown one just looks like me in a palette, and I have always been curious about her formulas! Now, this is super affordable so really it’s just a coincidence that I’m buying it in the sale. I just figured why not.

So that’s all I’m planning to buy. I will definitely be getting all of these this first weekend, but luckily VIB Rouge members get two weekends of the sale! So, I do think I may go back for some more. I do have a list of products I might go for if I can justify it. A few honourable mentions are the Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads and the Stila Rose Gold Retro Liquid Glitter – we shall see!

Let me know the one product you’re  most excited about getting! Mine would have to be the YSL lipstick, surprisingly enough!


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  1. Makeup by Erin says:

    I’m dying for that new Huda Beauty warm palette! So pretty!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can’t wait to see what you think about that Too Faced bronzer/blush thing. I’m also obsessed with bronzers and that’s all I have been buying lately, I have 4 new ones :O. xx


    1. Noha ♡ says:

      Omg saaame! Haha that’s crazy that we’re going through the same phase. Honestly I can’t get enough! I’ll definitely be reviewing it as soon as I try it out 🙂 Thank you for reading babe xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Eleni says:

    Oh God so many amazing products on there 😍 You made me feeling beauty-greedy! I love the look of the Huda Palette! I m trying to convince myself that I don’t need it as I have so many palettes but I m failing 🙈x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Noha ♡ says:

      You neeeed it haha. I literally have no control honestly so I’m the worst influence! Thank you for reading xx


  4. Oh my gosh, I haven’t heard of that Huda Beauty palette until now, but it’s GORGEOUS. You need that in your life! I adore the packaging of that TF bronzer, it’s (almost) too cute to use haha. A lot of people say good things about the YSL lipstick!


    1. Noha ♡ says:

      I ended up ordering them all! haha I just ran with it. Did you pick anything up from the sale? Thank you for readingg 🙂


  5. Tigritsa says:

    The new Huda palettes look SO pretty! I’m lucky because my birthday is today so my boyfriend is going to give me money to shop the sale! So I can afford to pick up a bit more than I would have if he wasn’t chipping in. I plan on getting the Desert Dusk palette for sure!


    1. Noha ♡ says:

      Ayyyyy, see us less fortunate single girls are just gonna be broke the rest of the month thanks to the sale haha. Excited to see what you’re picking up- hope you haul it!! Thank you for reading xx


      1. Tigritsa says:

        I was definitely lucky to have him chip in otherwise I knew I wouldn’t be able to spend too much! I’ll definitely haul what I got!


  6. Aisha says:

    The Dior foundation, too faced bronzer and huda beauty palette is giving me SO MUCH FEELS!!!


    1. Noha ♡ says:

      Giiirl go for it!! I made the order and I’m dying waiting for it all to get here!!! Thank you for reading xx


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