My First Christmas Tree


Today for the first time ever we’re going with a non-beauty related blog post. This blog is my comfort and my haven, and so I wanted to share something very special to me….

It is definitely the most wonderful time of the year. Despite not religiously celebrating the holiday, I have always held such a special place in my heart for Christmas. I love every single thing about it and every year I try to celebrate it in some way. Every year I’ve always wanted to buy my own Christmas tree and decorate it how I’d like, but every year the fam feels otherwise haha. For the first time this year Christmas fell on my time visiting my sister. Since she basically has no say in the matter, I kindly informed her that I would be going IN!

I had no idea what direction I wanted to go in with it. At first I knew I had always wanted a white Christmas tree, but as the time got closer I was just in the mood for a classical tree. I went in thinking I would go with a rose gold, gold, white theme with the ornaments but that all changed once I went online to order some. I kept coming across sets with pinks and reds and I was just in love with how the colour scheme flowed.

We went for a 6 foot lit artificial tree, which really helped avoid having to set up fairy lights haha. I worried the lights wouldn’t be enough but they were perfect and gave the tree the most beautiful glow. For the ornaments we went for matte, shiny, and glitter big balls as well as smaller ones. Then we threw in some pine cones and stars that follow the same colour scheme. Lastly, I placed a few icicles and sprinkled the tree with snow.

I understand that for most of you reading this, getting a Christmas tree is a typical tradition. But, this whole process is something I’ll never forget.

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted my own Christmas Tree, and I can’t believe I was finally able to make that dream come true for myself. It’s honestly quite emotional to me. Silly, I know. I’m just so happy that this is finally a reality so I thought I’d share it with you!

Hope you all enjoyed the tree porn- I honestly often stalk and screenshot people’s Christmas trees, there’s just something so magical about them! Let me know what colour scheme you went with this year, I’d love to know 🙂



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  1. So glad you got the chance to do this. Enjoy your tree!


  2. Tigritsa says:

    This is such a great story! I love Christmas trees. There is something so pretty and magical about them! They really lift your spirits! I’m glad you got the chance to get your own and decorate it! It looks so nice!


  3. Lee says:

    This will new great memory and the tree turned out beautiful💖✨


  4. Always Cleia says:

    I love your tree! It looks like it was professionally staged, you did a great job decorating!
    My husband and I set up our tree today, we have just a little 4 foot tree that we put on top of a coffee table each year. We both have very different ideas of what a Christmas tree should look like, as a kid my family absolutely filled our tree with every ornament imaginable, while he grew up with his mom “stylistically decorating” their tree xD
    He told me our tree looks cluttered now, but I love all the mismatched ornaments!


    1. Noha ♡ says:

      Awwww thank you that’s so sweet! I was really tempted to do a little tree as well honestly, there’s something so cute and pretty about them. Also I’m definitely team Cleia haha, the more cluttered the better! xx


      1. Always Cleia says:

        Little trees do have a certain charm, I hope we can have a big tree like yours one day! ☺
        Haha! More decorations are better 😂


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