Ipsy Unboxing…


Let’s all take a moment of silence for the very timely passing of the era of Birchbox. Move over, Ipsy has decided to kill the game. I’ll admit, I had my doubts. These subscription boxes have a way of letting you down. Well, Ipsy somehow managed to hit every spot. Let’s see what was in November’s bag…

Who doesn’t love a mud mask? It’s possibly the one skincare category where I’m willing to test out unknown brands and new releases. They generally all do the job, some simply better than others. I’ve never heard of the brand Mudmasky but hey, the name suggests they know their masks. Looking forward to trying this out.

I’m all for supporting beauty guru owned brands. It’s simple really, they understand makeup better than most- they’ve made a living out of it after all! I’ve always wanted to test out Em Cosmetics’ Infinite Lip Clouds and could not have possibly picked a better shade! This Rose Nude shade is a beautiful mauve/pink nude. The texture seems more moussey than typical liquid lipsticks but we shall see.

Not very much to say here, but I’m always happy to receive another Benefit They’re Real Mascara sample. Honestly, I think I collect them. I’ve only really tried it out once way back in the day, but it’s such a classic that whenever it’s a Sephora or Ulta freebie I always pick it up. Think I might finally test it out this time!

Out of all makeup, I’m probably most into foundations and primers. I’m constantly testing new ones out and I’ve always been a fan of the MAC Prep + Prime range. This primer is a radiating one, I swatched it and it felt really hydrating so we shall see.

With winter here, who isn’t stocking up on lip balms? I’m obsessed with my lips. Honestly, I probably OVER treat them. I’m constantly applying lip balms and treatments. It’s basically a very rare occasion to find my lips dry. I’m always testing out new treatments and this Skyn Iceland Berry Lip Fix sounds very intriguing. When I first applied it, it tingled a little. So, I’m curious to see if it has a plumping effect.



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  1. Love the Christmassy feel this post has 🙂🎄

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  2. That em cosmetics lip shade looks gorgeous! 💗💗💗

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  3. Always Cleia says:

    ooo you got the em cosmetics lip cloud!! I’ve been dying to try em’s products since the brand makeover, please let me know how it is! I’m really happy so see mac products featured in subscriptions now. Enjoy your Ipsy!


    1. Noha ♡ says:

      Me too! I’ve been dying to try her liquid liners too- especially the one that has a brush tip xx


      1. Always Cleia says:

        The brush tip sounds great too! I hope ipsy sends out more em so we can try it 😁


  4. cherilyndoes says:

    The lip balm made a mess out of my lips but that’s because I’m apparently allergic to red algea! I’m only now getting them back to normal. You received some great products. We got the same bag. Love it! Thank you for sharing! 🙂


    1. Noha ♡ says:

      Oh wow that’s horrible! So sorry you had to go through that. Yeah, it was such a great bag honestly! Thank you for reading xx

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      1. cherilyndoes says:

        Thank you. I hope you’re not experiencing the same! ❤


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