What I Got For Christmas…

I messed up, what else is new? Did we all really think I was going to stick to Blogmas. *sighs* You’d think that something I find so relaxing that brings me so much happiness is a thing I’d dedicate every day to. Yet, here we are with life repeatedly getting in the way. I think of my blog hiatus’s like a pamper evening. We always want to have one to keep us sane and happy, and yet sometimes there’s just no time in the day.

Oh well, enough with the pity party, table for one. This is a happy post. Happy, considering it’s all about getting beauty related presents! When my sister and I decided to do Christmas- it was all about the tree and the home decor…No one had presents in mind. Well, we eventually realized to go all in and I’m definitely glad we did! So, here’s how my sister/best friend made my Christmas with a few purchases…

I’m pretty easy to buy for, I’ll admit. I rant and rant about products I want badly and I rarely have the money to buy them. It’s pretty simple to figure out how to make me happy. I’ve never been disappointed by gifts because people just get it. Well, these Christmas gifts took things above and beyond. I have wanted to try out anything Drunk Elephant for as long as the brand has been around. I got to try a sample of their Sukari Baby Facial and Marula Oil a couple of months ago and i knew my worst fears were true; the brand was beyond amazing. So, my sister got me this little set to test out their products. It comes with a full-size T.L.C Serum which is the number one thing I’ve wanted to try out! Cannot wait!

Anyone that knows me well enough will know that my favourite scent in the entire world is Replica’s Jazz Club. I can’t explain it. I know it’s pretty masculine, and I never intended to spray it all over myself but I just need the scent in my life. It is all I want to smell! As we all know, Replica aren’t the most budget-friendly of brands so I had written this off ages ago. I could not believe that my sister actually went so far as to buy me the candle. Shook. It’s about a week later and I am still shook by this!

If you’ve read my past few posts, you’ll know my recent rediscovery of Clinique’s Dramatically Different Lotion over the past couple of months. It changed the game, and it is my favourite skincare step. I can’t explain it. I only had a deluxe travel size and I’d been eyeing this jumbo size with the cute packaging for a while. I tried ordering it from Ulta but they were out of this packaging. Somehow she tracked it down for me and I am yet again still recovering from the shock!

Another easy one to predict. Every single time we walked into an Ulta or Sephora over the past month or two I’d spend a good portion of time swatching Tarte’s Park Ave Princess Palette. It’s random, I don’t own any contour palettes and I’ve never been tempted, but something about this gorgeous packaging and how buttery the palette is just drew me to it. I cannot explain how buttery and smooth this formula is. It is genuinely unreal.

One last little dream come true…Everyone’s obsession with Kat Von D’s lip liners has been very real, and I cannot believe I never tried them out. Recently, I’ve been obsessed with Lolita in lipstick form recently, and I’ve been really tempted to try out the liner version. So, I got this trio which is even better! I’m actually more excited for the shade Hawkind in here than I even am to try Lolita!

Oh wait, one more thing. I bought myself a gift. Haha, only I would find another excuse or occasion to treat myself! I’ve always loved Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blushes, haven’t we all? They’re such an amazing long-lasting formula and if their Big Blush Book wasn’t so expensive I would’ve bought it instantly! So when it went on sale for 50% off and then a further 20% was involved- I was there. So happy with this! It came a week before Christmas and I’ve been using it every day since. I’d honestly say this formula is even better than usual!

Let me know your favourite Christmas gift! I’d love to know. Do you prefer lifestyle or beauty related gifts? For me, it’s all about the beauty. What can I say, I’m obsessed.


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  1. Tarte’s Park Ave Princess Palette is gorgeous, really lovely shades. Maybe you’ll start to be obsessed with contouring because of this one. Packing is gorgeous and the name is definitely on point. xx


  2. It looks like Santa was good to you! I love these posts!

    Xo Lauren


  3. Awesome stuff!
    Happy New Year!


  4. Oooh, you got some really awesome stuff! That Drunk Elephant set looks wonderful. Have fun using everything!


  5. stashy says:

    Ooh the Drunk Elephant set looks amazing. I hope to try their Vitamin C serum soon.
    My friend is addicted to Replica’s Jazz Club perfume – it really is intoxicating although for me, it’s not an everyday scent (it’s so sensual! 😉 )
    Enjoy all your goodies! And Happy New Year!


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