Mask of Many Marvels…


For quite a few years now, we’ve all seen this unassuming black pot scattered across millions of blogs; and more often than not, we’ve seen it with a questionable green clay inside. The Mask of Magnaminty is seriously infamous at this point, especially to those of us with troubled skin- that is, skin troubled with pesky spots! Lush often wows us with it’s super natural combinations that give supernatural results! As a user of this bad boy for years now, I figured it’s about time I share my two cents!


Let’s start by breaking this down. Some of the seriously impressive ingredients used in this (and the ones that I particularly credit for it’s effectiveness) are honey, evening primrose seeds, and peppermint oil! The texture is kind of a creamy clay with chunks in it that are amazing to rub in when washing off and give your skin some extra exfoliation. The peppermint oil works wonders in terms of cooling- this mask feels like a dream to apply because of it! It is a seriously deep cleansing mask targeted at the face as well as your back (bye bye bacne)! It works to extract debris from your pores and leave your skin feeling super clean, but it’s  most infamous for it’s healing and soothing abilities regarding any angry breakouts or breakout-prone skin.


This product is bound to make it into your holy grails sooner than you think- it’s seriously effective and leaves you with the cleanest feeling skin! I love to use this to balance out my usual use of super-strong breakout clearing treatments or masks- sometimes I prefer this as it feels like a healthier and more soothing solution. Rather than leaving my skin burning and inflamed- it works to calm it down and soothe the redness of my breakouts, definitely a better approach. This is one of Lush’s self-preserving masks which, if you’re unaware of what that means, does not need to be stored in the fridge. However, I love leaving it in there to make the cooling sensation even more dramatic than it already is! This mask seriously leaves your feeling feeling so refreshed and the visible effects are amazing too- my skin tone is definitely more balanced after use as well as appearing smoother. I also love that unlike usual drying breakout masks, this leaves my skin feeling hydrated rather than stripped!

So that’s my take on this little green angel. Let me know what your thoughts    are or what Lush masks you love!

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  1. danniijane says:

    I just tried this face mask for the first time today. It felt so cooling and had a minty, tingly feelung after☺ x


    1. I looove how cooling it is!! It’s amazing, you’re gonna be addicted! Thank you for reading xoxo

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  2. The Moore The Merrier says:

    I’m slowly starting to dive into lush products. (Without getting highly addicted) I’m definitely gonna keep this one in mind. Great post!!!


    1. Haha good luck with the addiction- it’s bound to happen! Thank you! And thank you for reading 🙂 xoxo

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  3. Liv says:

    I’ve seen this everywhere but never really paid much attention to it. If it’s that good for breakout prone skin then it’s definitely worth a shot! Thanks for reviewing 🙂


    1. It seriously is, you’ll love it! Thank you for reading xoxo 🙂


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