Krazy For Kylie…

Hello, about 2 months too late but better late than never. I couldn’t possibly have a beauty blog and not rant about one of the beauty worlds biggest releases in 2016, now could I!! I’m very openly a Kardashians fan, if I’m honest. Despite their worst moments, of which I am the biggest critic; I still love them. Making sure to have them on any and all forms of social media, I’ve figured out a way to keep up with them all (punintended). We’ve all been guilty of holding them highly as beauty icons. From Kim’s 2000s smokey eye to the more developed strobed and contoured looks they rock today, the Kardashians are undeniably beauty icons. So my love and support for the Kardashians has and always will be there.


Even more so, from the very start I have been 200% on the Kylie Jenner band wagon. From the 90s mauve lip obsession to teal hair, I’ve been on board. So of course, when Kylie released her lip line, I lost my shit briefly then regained focus and my eyes were on the praise…for a while. I struggled to get my hands on them along with millions of others, until a blessing from above in the form of one of my angel best friends was bestowed upon me! This beautiful woman, to whom I owe my unborn child, bought me not one: but TWO Kylie lip kits. Needless to say, she is one of the most beautiful souls I know- no I’m not just saying that because of the lip kits…maybe a little. The second Kylie dropped this cosmetics line was perfect timing; her lips were all the rage! “Kylie Jenner lip color” was plastered over thousands of tutorials. Her lips earned themselves a cult following, and the release of her own lip line is just what the masses needed.
I instantly knew Posie K was the one for me. Love at first sight, I was instantly drawn to the one pink shade in the range. Despite the many lip colors Kylie rocked, I remained true to me year-long obsession with her dusty rose/mauve lip color; and Posie fit the part perfectly. I was immediately impressed when I got it. I had been torn for months, online swatches were all so different. Some too purple and some too light. But when I swatched it onto my lips it was the perfect mauve tone I’d dreamt about for ages! The lip liner that comes with the kit was slightly underwhelming, but if I’m honest the shade is beautiful and I later on learnt that it looks pretty good when worn alone- giving you a your lips but better finish! The liquid lipstick looked as divine as it smelt- the sweet vanilla scent is definitely a bonus. I wore it through the night and its longevity was not only impressive, but when it eventually faded I wasn’t left with a harsh lip line, rather it faded away to a pink stain on my lips even more beautiful than Posie’s color. Overall, the experience exceeded my best expectations!
Next came Koko. Now, for my next move I was torn for a while between Koko and Candy but at the end of the day I went with what was in stock. I should start with the fact that I don’t do nudes. I don’t own a single nude lip color, shocking I know but they just make me look washed out and I cannot for the life of me rock a nude lip! So Koko was definitely out of my comfort zone as a pale pink nude. Surprise surprise, I loved it! It was so different and unlike any nude I’d ever tried before. It was pale, but somehow made me look chic and polished rather than washed out!
Deep amidst my love affair, Kylie released her glosses with a music video to boot! These. Looked. Insane. I had to had to get my hands on them! I prayed they would actually work like they seemed- every beauty guru I watched would apply the gloss and have the most beautiful hydrating sheen to their lips. So naturally I bought one. I went for Like, my fear for nudes obviously urged me to get the darkest shade. I cannot even explain this product. I genuinely struggle. I only received it two days ago and I’m already in love. The brown shade is slightly out of my comfort zone, but the finish leaves me reaching for it all day. A lipgloss that gives that perfect wet sheen finish, seriously intense pigmentation, and hydration. What more can a girl ask for?
Call me basic, or think I’m overhyping an already overhyped product; but the Kylie lip products are actually genuinely impressive luxurious products! And at a fair price point too! I’m in love with these and can’t wait to see what else Kylizzle has in store for us!
P.s. I whole-heartedly understand the swatch-searches struggle. So the swatches I’ve included in the photos above are 100% accurate. I can confirm, if you were looking for true to color swatches- this is them!! Trust me, I really just want to ensure no one else struggles like I did!
P.p.s. Sorry for being AWOL, I’ve had a lot going on. But I was genuinely starting to feel unhappy as a result of not writing for so long so here I am! 🙂

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  1. I would love to get some of these lip kits, but I’m way to lazy to wait or quickly order 😂


    1. Haha I know right!! The struggle to get these is too real, thank god for good friends 🙏🏻 xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love to own them soon! Great review 🙂


  3. Amy says:

    The nude gloss is stunning!


  4. danniijane says:

    Great review. The colours of these are pretty x


  5. I seriously love her lip kit! I got in True Brown K the first day she released it. Since I was part of the first batch she never had the hand written note inside 😦 But the quality is absolutely amazing. Now I want to try out the lipgloss!


    1. Omg the lipgloss is like so unique you’d love it! I really wanted to go for true brown there’s just no way I’d pull it off :p thanks for stopping by xoxo

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  6. I actually want to try Kylie liquid lipstick so much only if they’re less expensive. Posie K and Koko K might be my favorites.


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