Gimmick or Gold: Lancôme Juicy Shakers…


As an avid beauty guru watcher, it can get tricky to discern an overhyped product from an actually good one. They are constantly sent PR packages and it’s impossible to tell a genuine review from a fake one. This is especially true of gimmicky products. If you aren’t familiar with the term, gimmick simply means a strange and unique product. Now, sometimes these strange products can be revolutionary and heaven-sent, but sometimes a gimmick is really all they are. That’s why I decided to start the Gimmick or Gold series ages ago to help you make the call. On today’s agenda we have the year old cult favourite Lancôme Juicy Shakers…

These have been out for ages and Lancome have even released a matte version a while ago. Everyone raved about them and I had always wanted to give them a try. A while ago when Sephora was selling them for half price, I had to pounce. I picked up the shades Piece of Cake, Mangoes Wild, and Berry Tale. I was obsessed with Piece of Cake for ages, it’s the most beautiful mauve nude, and the rest seemed interesting to give a go. The concept is little lip bottles with contain a tinted lip oil. You shake them up to mix the oil with the pigment and apply them to your lips using the sponge tip.

SPOILER ALERT: these were absolute gimmicks and not much else. It really saddens me to say this, honestly I was so excited to try them out. I understand that they are meant to be barely there colors that are hydrating, but these had ZERO COLOUR. You absolutely could not tell anything was on my lips. It was genuinely not even slightly tinted.

I would be willing to accept the lack of pigment if it was super hydrating, but honestly I hated how these felt on my lips. They’re a very thick goopy oil formula that just sits on your lips. It didn’t hydrate them or melt into my lips, it just sat on top of them as an oil layer that I almost think dried my lips out.

I instantly returned them. I did hang on to Piece of Cake to keep giving it a try. I do still use them sometimes when at home, just to have something on my lips. But honestly these did nothing. Especially for such a high price point, it’s ridiculous that these were hyped as much as they were. I’m definitely intrigued to try the Matte Shakers however, they seem to have a completely different formula.

It’s a no from me, sorry guys! Let me know if they worked for you 🙂



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  1. Yikes I hate it when lip stick dries out the lips! So frustrating. Good thing they let you return them!

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  2. zakeeyak says:

    Have you used the Clarins Lip Oils? Do they work the same as the Juicy Shakers? I seem to think that they’re almost the same product…

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    1. Noha ♡ says:

      No actually I haven’t- I’ve always wanted to try them! After this experience I’m a little hesitant haha xx

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      1. zakeeyak says:

        I’ve swatched them and they just seem so sticky! Almost like those teen lipglosses… And they’re not exactly cheap…urg


  3. hoiyinli says:

    This is a great series idea! 🙂

    When these were released and raved, these never really took my fancy, EVER. The product is so tiny, and I feel they’re quite gimmicky and trying to copy K-beauty with the barely-there, gradient-style lips. To be honest, you can most likely find much better in the K-beauty market.

    I remember when everyone on YouTube seemed to go nuts for the watermelon shade and I just didn’t understand, lol.


  4. I liked them but totally agree that they have no pigment and are way overpriced!


  5. emzynelson says:

    Enjoyed reading your thoughts on this product

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