You Need This Lip In Your Life!

I think it’s safe to say fall has officially ended. Most places have already had snow days and advent calendars are almost halfway through- it’s time to let go. But I just had to share my fall love affair with you all; store it in the back of your minds in preparation for next year, or rock it throughout the colder months- there’s no need for a reason or rhyme to your makeup choices! This all started shortly after I talked about fall lip trends to try. If I’m honest, I knew as I wrote it that I’d never have the balls to give any of them a try, and yet I came across this liquid lipstick on offer and just had to go for it..

I’ve always been pretty plain and boring when it comes to lips. I tend to stick to my dusty rose/mauve shades with the occasional dark berry lip. I had decided I couldn’t rock a red or any exciting shades. I was fine with it. But at the back of my mind I was always so tempted and curious as to whether I could pull off an orange lip. I understood myself well, and I felt that with my go-to looks and my skin tone, it could be really flattering. Yet, it still took me years of wishful thinking to finally decide to do something about it. I was browsing Hautelook, as you do, and I came across a bunch of Lime Crime products for half the price. As I’ve expressed before , I’ve always been seriously impressed with Lime Crime’s formula. Their lightweight formula dries matte instantly leaving the lips with an almost powdery finish. The powdery feel is what makes it so comfortable, it’s light and completely matte formula is what makes it feel so weightless on the lips. I’d tried many of their shades before, but Pumpkin stood out to me most. It was just what I had always wanted. A gorgeous deep orangey brick red. It was just the kind of gateway orange I needed haha. In fact, in most swatches it looked almost completely orange. I had just posted my fall lips post and I had a surge of courage and put the order in.


It was orange. There was no brick redness to it, as I swatched it on the back of my hand I realized this was the real deal. It was even more gorgeous in person. A rich deep spicy orange- PERFECT for fall. I gave it a whirl one day and I proceeded to wear it everyday for the rest of that week. I was right, it worked like a charm! The orange tone was seriously flattering to my skin color. It applied flawlessly and lastly all day- even through a Thanksgiving burger! It’s easily one of the most gorgeous lipstick shades I own- and it doesn’t hurt that the formula is to die for!

Sufficed to say, we’re well into December now and I still can’t seem to drop it. This has become my go to lip shade for any warm look- and it works. every. single. time.



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  1. suzielily says:

    That shade is so pretty 😍 x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. CleiaBeautyBlog says:

    I just redeemed ipsy points for a lime crime lipstick, this post makes me even more excited for it! That shade is gorgeous! 😍 I find orange lips a lot easier to wear than red, red can be really harsh depending on skin tone. Great post!


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